Welcome to the time of Awearment

Awearment is an online marketplace connecting small, sustainably and ethically-focused brands to customers who want to shop innovative products from entrepreneurs trying to make the world a better place.

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Meet Awearment.

Awearment is a spotlight and a movement. We’re the anti-“big-guys”. Our mission is to provide a platform for small brands that refuse to harm people or planet in the production process to reach shoppers just like you who want to confidently buy more consciously manufactured products.

Awearment promises to only offer products with the affordability and quality you expect but without the planet and worker exploitation you’ve had to accept.

That’s why we're incorporated as a public benefit corporation  legally required to affect positive impacts on our society, community, and employees.


Welcome to the era of sustainable and ethical products.
Welcome to the time of Awearment.


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We’re only impactful together. Brands and Affiliates, join us.

Our goal at Awearment is to be a champion for smaller, sustainable brands—just like yours. We’re looking to bring on our first round of Sustainable Partners and Affiliates. No upfront fees. No monthly listing costs. Are you ready to join the Awearment movement?

Please email all inquiries to team@awearment.com.